The Art Bank supports global artists by investing in art NFTs. We make digital art accessible to art lovers, curators and the general public.

When it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge unimportant detail.

Iggy Pop

Supporting Artists

The Art Bank strives to empower the world's artists to participate in the digital economy through the medium of NFTs.

Rewarding Pool Patrons

Patrons of The Art Bank enjoy financial returns from staking and preferential access to The Art Bank collections.

Making Art Accessible

The Art Bank makes a broad range of digital art accessible to art lovers and curators through publicly available collections. 

Featured Collections


Fractano is an art collection that uses colorful, geometric, circling art pieces that lure you into a magical outer world.

Alexander WatanabeUnsig

The first algorithmically generated art on Cardano.

Cardano Trees

CardanoTrees are evolutive art trees growing on the Cardano blockchain. They grow, flower or fruit, depending on the tree and season.


A beautiful photo collection of Amsterdam by the iPhone photographer known as iAnnet.

Alessandro and Zieg

SpaceBudz is a collection of unique astronauts.

Lenna, Joe, Issy
Clay Nation x Good Charlotte

A spooky series of Clays made in collaboration with the US punk-pop band Good Charlotte.

Adrian Fanatiu

DEADPXLZ is a collection of code-generated, unique & interactable pixel characters.

Stellar Hood

Stellar Hood is a fully interactive, truly onchain Cardano NFT depicting a unique star system in the universe.

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