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The Art Bank is Banking on Web3 Creators

Cardano Block Clocks
are dynamic onchain NFTs

Block Clock 062

The clocks feature cool
animated backgrounds

Cardano Block Clock 077

There are UTC and epoch
countdowns for degen minters

Block Clock 066

Featured Creator - Hookman

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"When it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge unimportant detail."
- Iggy Pop

Empowering Creators

Showcasing creators and their collections through interviews, articles, social media, metaverses and auctions to garner a global audience.

Our Crypto Products Create a Unique Ecosystem for Collectors


The Art Bank has created a new portal that is going to house our entire suite of products for Cardano collectors and creators.


Participate in regular blue chip, art and recycled NFT auctions. To get access and discounts load up on Rarity Dawgs.


Join our Cardano stake pool to help support innovative artists and enjoy great staking rewards and  premium services.

NFT Recycler

Recycle your unwanted NFTs and get compensated in $Monet, $RAD, $Wari, $Ding, $Clay, $Pavia, and other blue-chip tokens.

Rarity Dawg

Hold on to an NFT collectors best friend to access a world of cool benefits including reward and staking boosters.

Crossing Over From Digital To IRL Products


Beautify cities by investing in local street artists and the murals they create.

Cardano Center

Centers that display innovative NFT art, onboards local artists and hosts Cardano events.


Use ADA or $Monet to create unique 1 of 1 physical slabbed versions of your NFTs and get them shipped to your door.

The Art Bank Roadmap

Learn About Crypto and NFTs



Get into the creative minds of the coolest creators in crypto and discover how your favorite projects were made.


Learn about crypto and NFTs from some of the top influencers in this space.


The Art Bank

Discover the best NFT art and collectibles on Cardano by visiting our collections.

The fArt Bank

Learn how to avoid buying the wrong NFTs by exploring failed CNFT projects.

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