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Artboardz mingles digital and street art

Replacing Billboards with Art

Artboardz works with street artists to combine NFT art with physical art to beautify cities, replacing billboards with art. This innovative approach is tailored to support artists in the onboarding process bringing them into the digital ecosystem, promoting their art, and helping brand Cardano simultaneously. These initiatives are fully funded through the sale of Cardano NFTs, and royalties go to the artists.

Through NFTs, local artists can access global buyers and collectors to bring color and life to their cities with street art. While physical images might disappear one day, the digital versions will always survive, allowing the owners to enjoy their beauty and the artist to receive royalties on sales, which they were never able to do before.

Collector Benefits

Showcase art to wider audience

Learn about NFT minting technology

Get patronage for artworks on more regular basis

Adorning cities with art not advertising

Name engraved on physical plaque

Personalized digital tag on collection page

Tactfully promoting Cardano in cities all over the world

Global and local P2P funding, not large sponsors

The Artboardz Flow

The artist first creates the digital Artboardz version. Artists have complete creative freedom as long as the work is imbued with a positive, inspiring message. Once between 30 to 50 NFTs have sold, the artist creates the equivalent physical version at a predetermined public location.

Step 1

Artist Creates Digital Version of Their Art

Step 2

Artboardz Promotes and Sells Digital Art

Step 3

Artist Creates Physical Version of The Art