Educating, Empowering and Catalyzing a Digital Renaissance

The venue will be a hub for Cardano enthusiasts, newcomers, artists & creators, and Cardano-curious from all around the world to gather. The feeling will be a modern gallery and cafe primed for events and entertainment. 

The Art Bank has been funded by Catalyst to open the first-ever Cardano Community Center (CCC) in Cape Town. Read more here.

Center Objectives

The CCC will provide free education around Cardano, NFTs, and Blockchain, in general, to facilitate onboarding and recruiting artists into the ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • What is an NFT? Isn't it just a JPG, and what's the value
  • How to open a wallet
  • How to Mint an NFT
  • How do I get my art on Cardano
  • Stake pools and staking
  • How to use exchanges
  • Updates on Cardano Dapps
  • Cardano community engagement portals
  • What are Drop Sites
  • Which programs do I use, and many more

Cardano's African Hub

The CCC aims to be the go-to gathering place, showcase space, and training facility with an evolving curriculum designed around onboarding artists and Cardano-curious into the community. 

On top of being a permanent training facility, the CCC will develop the space as a dedicated venue for showcasing Cardano art, culture, and technology in Cape Town. This will be the home of Cardano-focused knowledge sharing, education, and social/cultural and economic exchange in Cape Town, including:

  • Hosting of events
  • Exhibitions
  • Advertised training sessions
  • Awards
  • Other Cardano-related events (meetups)

All our progress will be shared on our CCC update page with regular updates on progress, including video content the Cardano community can follow online. We aim to make the space a self-sufficient replicable business model, which we’ll place on open source as our final deliverable. With that, we believe the broader community can replicate the concept in every feasible major city worldwide.