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Ernst Blaad | Blaad Planet

Ernst Blaad, creator of Blaad Planet

The Man Himself

Ernst Blaad is a fully fictitious person which I created to be absolutely anonymous. Not even my friends know about Ernst. This means that Ernst has absolute freedom and can create what he wants. No critics or outside influence from anybody - just pure Ernst Blaad. I have been doing my style of art for quite a long time. Paper and pencil were always my favorite toys. I tried to follow the style of so-called great artists but it just wasn’t for me. I wanted to create art out of my scribbles. That’s what I’m doing right now and thanks to the big Cardano NFT Community, it is working out really well for Ernst Blaad.

Sophia Calderon - Fiesta de Cumbia 2005

What is Blaad Planet?

Blaad Planet is the home of Ernst Blaad. This virtual space gives Ernst all the freedom to create his art without any standards, trends or conventions. Up to now, Blaad Planet is only the home of Ernst Blaad but maybe in the future, there will be more artists who are sure that the concept of Radical Constructivism is the way to create absolutely new art.

Wiki Explanation: Radical constructivism is an approach to epistemology that situates knowledge in terms of knowers’ experience. It looks to break with the conception of knowledge as a correspondence between a knower’s understanding of their experience and the world beyond that experience.

Lena - Freeskier - Zermatt (Lena was featured at the Cardano Summit in Lausanne)

How do you create your NFT art?

The first step is pencil and paper. Then a screenshot of the scribbles takes me into Procreate on the iPad. The artworks are finalized on Procreate and minted on

What's next for Ernst Blaad?

To drop an original 1/1 NFT tomorrow!

Not Niki Lauda

Anything else you would like to say?

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to say thanks to all Ernst Blaad friends. You're great and motivate me to continue creating. I'm in a constant creation process and feeling really good. Painting is my passion, but I also love Netflix and yoga!

The Interview