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In a space where building strong communities, actively promoting artwork online, and selling out collections is paramount to your project’s success, it’s understandable why many talented creatives without marketing know-how fail to see the results their art commands.The Art Bank supports creators like you by assisting with the online promotion, distribution and sales of collections to your art-focused community, giving you time to focus on what you do best – creating!

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Africa Onchain

Showcasing and promoting creators and their collections through interviews, articles, social media, metaverses and auctions to garner a global audience.

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YouTube Interviews

1-1 edited interview to discuss your inspiration, why Cardano, your style of art and creative story to share on our YouTube channel.

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The Art Bank Display

Showcase your collection to thousands of visitors and interested collectors on our home page.

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Display your collection on our partner platform to thousands of collectors to attract potential buyers.

Physical Display

Start by displaying your collection at our Cardano Center in Cape Town, and then the rest of the world.

Metaverse Display

TAB gallery locations in multiple metaverses across Cardano. This is coming soon so please be patient.

Discord Auctions

Leverage our auction channels to fetch higher bids from an engaged collector community for your artwork and maximize revenue potential before listig on a marketplace


Splash is an innovative blockchain token arcade on Cardano where creators get good exposure for their projects by featuring their NFTs as prizes for players and collectors.


We are always introducing new methods to market and sell great NFT art. Holding raffles is a fun way to get engage our community and share new art with them

Charles Machin

On-chain generative art collection that evolves throughout the day. Charles is one of the most innovative creators on Cardano.


Created by Hookman, clocks are onchain code that runs in your browser, displaying correct local time as well as a UTC time toggle.

Autre Coeur

O is a collection of 404 onchain re-generative NFTs that charts a personal journey through the artists most influential records.

Cardano Trees

Evolutive art trees growing on Cardano. They flower or fruit, depending on the tree and season. Created by Damian.

Otodojo Nodes

This collection features the idea that we oftentimes experience our lives in a cyclical way. Created by Otodojo and Ryu Goto.

Stellar Hood

A fully interactive, truly onchain Cardano NFT depicting star systems in the universe. Created by TurboEgon.

Ernst Blaad

Each of his paintings starts with a unconscious moment - which is the base of a unique style throughout all Ernst Blaad artworks.

Bryant Austin

For many years, Bryant searched for a way to photograph whales in the wild that would capture their awe inspiring beauty.

Bas Meeuws

The collection consists of 1500 different flower compositions, all using unsig #1102 as a background.

How Creators Can Support Us

Stake with The Art Bank

Encourage your community to support our stake pool which reinvests its SPO rewards back into artistic NFTs and changes the narrative around what real art looks like on Cardano together.

Get The Word Out

Promote our products and services to reach more sophisticated audiences around the world. The more you promote us, the bigger our brand grows and then the more we can support you and other creators.

Share your NFTs

Share or donate your NFTs to educate our community on different artistic styles and methods of creating NFTs.

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