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Follow these steps to get bidding on premium NFTs

1. Join Discord

Check Auction Announcements to see what's on auction and start bidding away.

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2. Buy $Monet

Auctions are mostly conducted in the $Monet token. $Monet can be traded on most DEXes.

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3. Buy Rarity Dawg

Buy Dawgs on secondary to get discounts on winning bids (currently 20 Dawgs or more = 10%, 10 Dawgs = 5%).

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Upcoming Auctions

Our auctions will kick off again on Jan 16th, 2023

Sol by Charles Machin

This project is an exploration of the sun and the first step towards an on-chain star.

Jan 16th to 22nd, 2023.

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Block Clocks by Hookman

Cardano Block Clocks are generated using on chain code featuring animated backgrounds.

Jan 23rd to 30th, 2023.

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The Edge of Sanity by Nihat Bayir

Every character is a study of pain and suffering, madness and grief.

Jan 31st to Feb 5th, 2023.

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Previous Auctions

We've had some great auctions with record breaking winning bids. Each artist features 7 of their works over 7 days.

O by Autre Coeur

404 onchain re-generative NFTs that chart a personal journey through music.

Highest winning bid:

0 // 99 sold for 130,000 $Monet (114 ADA)

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Guernica Dreams by Leon Kendal

Dreams is a chance to experience the beauty and power of art in a whole new way.

Highest winning bid:

Guernica Dreams 12 - 180,000 $Monet (158 ADA)

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Blaad Planet by Ernst Blaad

Each painting starts with an unconscious moment.

Highest winning bid:

Wayne Gretzky - 925,000 $Monet (1050 ADA)

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