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The Art Bank Stake Pool

The Art Bank is a single-operated creative stake pool that invests in Web3 creators.

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How The Art Bank Supports Creators

Buy and Hold Art

We have one of the largest collections of NFT art on Cardano.

View collections here

Interview Artists

There are real people with valuable stories about their creations behind the art.

Watch interviews here

Promote Artists

Promote artists and art on all our social media platforms.

Onboard New Artists

Both from other chains as well as first-time creators on a blockchain

Why Stake with The Art Bank

Staking Rewards

Delegators with 1,000+ ADA staked can expect to earn an additional 0.2%-1.0% APY. Currently, rewards include $Monet & RAD with more tokens to be added in the future

Supporting Web3 Creators

You earn more rewards staking with the Art Bank than you would with an average stake pool, and you support the creative ecosystem; it’s a win-win.

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The Stake Pool Claimer

In collaboration with the Monet Society, TAB assisted in developing the Stake Pool Claimer as a forward-thinking and proactive approach to support creating on Cardano. The claimer is a mechanism and platform that distributes additional token rewards to stakers every single month, as well as incentivizing decentralization, promoting delegating to creative pools with a positive mission, vision, roadmap, and team.

The Art Bank stake pool is considered the flagship stake pool on the claimer with a core message supporting creativity in the ecosystem while promoting collaboration and growth on Cardano.  

Stake pools are crucial for Cardano’s continued growth and expansion as a proof of stake blockchain, but it doesn’t need to be standard or boring. This is why we’re going above and beyond to ensure all delegators get the most rewards from their stake pool on top of their expected returns.

Comparison of Services

The Art Bank vs Modern Banks

The Art Bank vs Centralized Exchanges

The Art Bank vs Other Stake Pools