A Think-Tank For Innovation

The Art Bankers believe that digital assets have the power to inspire, challenge, and transform individuals and communities. As such, we are committed to identifying and incubating creative projects that we believe have the potential to make a meaningful impact on society.

We provide a range of resources and services to help creative individuals bring their projects to life. These resources include mentorship, funding, promotion, and access to a network of like-minded individuals.

Please reach out to us if you share our vision to positively impact the world through the power of digital assets.

Incubator Affiliates

Africa Onchain

An all African weekly podcast discussing blockchain tech and news curated for new entrants into the space.


Collaborating with street artists to combine NFT art with physical art to beautify cities, replacing billboards with art.

Cardano Centers

Hosting Cardano events and educating artists, collectors and developers about NFT tech thereby expanding the Cardano ecosystem.


Revolutionizing the curation of digital assets through the discovery, management and display across devices and environments.


Gamifying NFTs on Cardano! Play NFT arcade games, support creative stake pools or even recycle your unwanted NFTs.


Hacking Innovation

One of the The Art Bank's key business drivers is to help incubate new projects and ideas by hosting live hackathons at physical locations in partnership with The Cardano Centers.

The goal is to host monthly/quarterly events at the Cardano Center in Cape Town and to roll this out to other Cardano Centers in Africa and cities around the world.

Our incubator and its partners will provide personal support to help bring ideas to life and promote Cardano locally and in locations that we expand to in the future.