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Tinkerbell | CryptoFairies

Tinkerbell is a co-founder of CryptoFairies, a brand focused on kindness in the web3 space. Together with her partner, Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell aims to express her FairyTale on the blockchain.

With a background in the Arts, Tinkerbell has a diverse background, having previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry and entertainment. However, she always felt the need to pursue her creative side, and that led her to co-found CryptoFairies.

In May 2021, Tinkerbell and Fairy Godmother started in the Cardano ecosystem and brought their unique brand of CryptoFairies to the community. The reception from the Cardano community was amazing, and the brand quickly gained traction and recognition.

As the brand continues to grow and expand internationally, one thing is for sure; there is never a lack of glitter when Tinkerbell is around. Her passion for the arts, creativity, and the blockchain make her a force to be reckoned with in the crypto space.

Tinkerbell and the CryptoFairies team continue to work hard to bring new and exciting experiences to the community and spread the message of kindness and inclusivity. With the vision of a fairytale on the blockchain, they are poised to bring a touch of magic to the web3 space.

It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Tinkerbell, and we can’t wait to see what CryptoFairies will do in the future. 

The Interview