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The world's first NFT recycler where you can rid your wallet of unwanted NFTs in exchange for fungible tokens.

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Why Recycling Matters

Reason 1: Purge your wallet of unwanted NFTs

We've all FOMO-ed into minting those cute kitties with no roadmap. We jumped head first into that project with 'Clay-vibes' before vetting the team. And yes, we've all sucker bought a punk derivative because we just didn't know any better.

We've all been there. This is the way...of the degen NFT collector.

We don't regret the experience and the lessons learned. Hell, we don't really even mind flushing all that ADA because our degen mindset meant we also bought bluechip NFTs along the way. A few Clays, a DeadPxlz or two and some Goats more than fill the void.

The truly tragic thing, the thing we hate most, is being forced to look at these funny art NFTs while they slowly clog up our wallet. We can't even offload them for 5ADA! That's the lowest listing price on The whole selection is tainted due to the presence of a single lowbrow NFTs in the wallet.

Look at the effect recycling can have on your wallet below:



Reason 2: Get compensated for recycled NFTs

Yes! You read that right. For your unwanted NFTs you will receive a token compensation. Not all NFTs are created equally and are therefore not treated equally. Compensation therefore differs depending on the quality of the NFT to be recycled.

At the recycling depot, once you have selected which NFT to recycle in your wallet, you will be notified how much compensation you'll get.

How The Rating System Works

We have crafted our own special rating system to determine what the percentage of compensation each NFT should get. For example, if you have a SPAFN NFT, which has a rating of 2, you will receive 2 times the base compensation for each listed token.

But wait! What the hell is SPAFN or a SBTBOS for that matter?!

STGNOC - Sullies The Good Name Of Crap

These include fakes, copies and mass produced NFTs. Any collection with more than around 20,000 items is likely to be in this category.

SBTBOS - So Bad They Belong On Solana

These are all the NFTs that tried to somehow make it by copying successful projects. Crypto Punks and BAYC are often victim to this kind of shameful derivation.

SPAFN - Scare People Away From NFTs

NFTs with pretty-much zero artistic merit as well as airdrops from worthless projects.

VABSAF - Valiant Attempt But Still A Fail

NFTs that are just boring to look at as well as pixelated NFTs designed by someone with no eye.

NEBABM - Nice Enough But A Bit Meh

Decent art but not something you'd frame and mount on a wall.

ACTTHR - A Credit To The Human Race

Every so often, great NFTs end up in the recycling depot. These will be compensated accordingly.

Don't burn your disagreeable NFTs, recycle them!

With recycling, you get compensated for each NFT! This is why recycling is better than burning.

Now we know there are a lot of smart people on Cardano who like to see figures and so here they are. The complete breakdown of how our recycling works compared to burning both on Cardano and Ethereum.

The Recycle Bins

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