Boost your rewards

The Booster helps stakers earn additional token rewards by delegating their ADA to any of our creative stake pool members on Cardano.

How it works

Simply connect your staked wallet, click the claim button and sign the transactions.

  • Claim tokens once a month for just 1.5 ADA
  • Rewards include 300 $Monet & 250 RAD per 1,000 ADA of cumulative stake up to a maximum of 300,000 ADA
  • Opt-out of claiming reward tokens based on what you value
  • Rewards are calculated based on cumulative ADA staked during the prior month
  • Rarity Dawg holders receive an additional 3% boost per Dawg up to 10 Dawgs
  • Rewards are subject to change

Get staking with our creative stake pool members to start earning rewards, and pick up a few Dawgs to earn even more!


  • How long do I need to stake with a pool before I can earn additional rewards?

    You will need to have staked your ADA for an entire month to qualify to earn rewards.
  • Who are the token partners participating in the booster?

    The Monet Society was created to educate and incentivize Cardano NFT creators, collectors, and platforms through the use and distribution of our loyalty token, $Monet.

    Cardania has been a major contributor to Cardano art, NFT technology, and gaming. From development of the Living Lands formula, innovative metadata utility, to the launch of the Nexus web3 hub, Cardania is leading the way for creatives on Cardano and using $RAD to power its ecosystem.
Boost Rewards